Quattroped (2007 - 2012)

     Quattroped is a 4-leg/4-wheel transformable mobile robot. In contrast to most hybrid platforms which have separate mechanisms and actuators for wheels and legs, this robot is implemented with a unique transformation mechanism which directly switches the morphology of the driving mechanism between the wheels (i.e. a full circle) and a 2 degree-of-freedom leg (i.e. combining two half-circles as a leg), so the same system of actuation power can be efficiently utilized in both wheeled and legged modes. Taking advantage of the leg-wheel combination, the robot is capable of performing different behaviors, including wheeled driving, step and bar crossing, irregular terrain passing, stair climbing, etc.

  TurboQuad (2012 - present)


     TurboQuad is a successor of the Quattroped. It can perform smooth and in-situ leg-wheel and gait transition owing to its new leg-wheel design and CPG-based control strategy.